Trends Under $100

Blank Denim Gulden’s Blouse // Roma Chain Cross Body Bag // Levi’s 505C High Rise Crop Jeans // Freda Slide Sandal // Shashi Isadora Earrings // Knit Beaded Sweater // Hat Attack Wool Beret // Semiprecious Stone Layered Y-Necklace // Avery Backpack // Jaynee Platform Oxford Shoes // Marseille Pony Bow // Wool-Blend Jacket //

Trends come and they go. The older, more mature me is trying to invest less in fast fashion and seasonal trends, and focus more on pieces that are multi-seasonal and will last me a couple of years. That being said, every season, I find myself purchasing a few key pieces that are trendy because I just can’t resist. However, as I’ve shown you above, buying into these trends doesn’t have to be expensive. That’s the thing about trends – when they’re “trends,” you can pretty much find them anywhere.

Middle school me is THRILLED the hair bow is back. I used to love wearing bows in my hair. I also am surprised with myself how much I am loving the velvet trend. I have a wedding on New Years’ Eve this year, and I have my eyes on this or this. After seeing this sweater everywhere, I finally caved last weekend and bought it for myself. Can’t wait to pair with these. One more trend I invested in this season was the plaid blazer. I purchased this one for such a great price, and it wears like it’s expensive.

At the end of the day, you have to invest in what makes you feel best. If you love a trend, by all means buy it. On the other end of the spectrum, don’t feel like you need to invest in every trend to keep up with the times. Not all trends are for all people. There are plenty of trends that don’t work for me. You have to be the judge.

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