My Spring Shoe Picks + Spring Shoe Trends Run-Down

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…Just a little preface to this post, I spent a quite a bit of time yesterday on the graphic you see above, and I’m rather proud of it :) thanks to the workbook I received at the Blogshop class I recently attended, I can do all kinds of fun and pretty new things in Photoshop for my blog. Okay, sorry, just a little harmless self-flattery. Anywho, on to the feature presentation…

If I wasn’t forced to show some form of restraint, this post would either be a, like, 10 part series, or contain roughly 100 shoes. However, in an effort to not seem like a total barbarian, I was able to condense my spring shoe picks down to 12 pairs of shoes! When it comes to shoes, chances are, I tend to be a bit impulsive (hi, Dad). You should see my desktop right now, it is completely covered in pictures of possible shoes to feature in this post.
As we (hopefully) approach the warmer months of the year, sandal season is just around the corner. That means, its time to start taking care of your feet again and start making them looking acceptable to show in public. I don’t know about any of you, but I tend to drop the ball a bit with keeping my toenails painted consistently during the winter time (much to my mother’s repulsion).
The colors that seem to be the most popular for spring 2013 shoe collections are red, yellow, white and metallics (is that even a color?). And, needless to say, it’s always safe to have a few pairs of neutral, versatile sandals that you can pair with anything and everything. I have to admit, I never thought I’d see the day where I would wear the color yellow on my feet. But, alas, fashion is so wonderfully unpredictable.
You can also look forward to an assortment of straps (ankle straps and T-straps being the front runners in my opinion), chunky heels, single sole heels, lucite, platform sneaks, floral prints, tribal prints, studs, leather, cutouts, and frontal or rear lace ups. I hope all that terminology didn’t sound like a foreign language to anyone, sometimes I get carried away and forget how normal humans live and interact with each other outside of the fashion world. I can’t believe that platform sneakers are making a comeback again, I remember when I was in grade school I convinced my mom to buy me a pair of white platform sneakers strikingly similar to these ones, and the day I debuted those babies, I was absolutely sure I was the coolest girl in school (complete with my braces and black eyeliner, of course).
Okay, I’m done with my temporary nostalgia. Finally, I present my spring 2013 shoe picks!! If any of you are just really looking to rid yourselves of some money and are looking to donate it to a good cause, I wear a size 8! :)

my-spring-shoe-picks 1. Xhilaration Tammy Plank Wedge Sandal, $29.99 2. ALDO ‘Pravada’ Heel, $155 3. Lulu’s Vida 1 Beige Cutout Lace-Up Wedge Booties, $29 4. Zara Pointed Slipper, $89.90 5. J.Crew Elsie Canvas Pump, $265 6. Nine West Breezeann Sandal, $140 7. Superga 2750 Sneaker Gold Canvas, $75 8. Dolce Vita Elka Sandal, $158 9. Sole Society ‘Addy’, $49.95 10. ASOS Priority Pointed High Heels, $74.81 11. ASOS Social Pointed Heels, $58.19 12. Nine West Kirna Zabete at Nine West Alitra Peep Toe Pumps, $129


  1. Isn’t Blogshop so amazing? I learned SO much! And I am loving all of the options with ankle straps – too cute!

    • sheworeembellishments says:

      Yes Blogshop was one of the best weekends of my life! It was so great meeting Bri, she is so adorable and such an inspiration!.

  2. I love the first ones (I think that they are Dior…) and the Miu Miu’s from the first picture.

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