Giving Thanks

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Hi my loves, happy Friday! I had a different post planned for today, but A) it’s not quite finished, and B) I wanted to take today to recognize YOU GUYS, my lovely readers.
As some of you know, I posted on my personal Facebook profile earlier this week that it was a goal of mine to reach 100 “likes” on my blog’s Facebook page. At this time, I believe I had 63 likes. When I posted this sentiment on Facebook, I didn’t really expect to get much response. I figured it would maybe get me a couple more likes on my page, and I would have to just keep posting this status over and over again and maybe, just maybe, I would reach 100 likes a month from now.
However, I was completely and utterly shocked at the wonderfully amazing response I received. Earlier today, a little over 48 hours after I posted status about my goal, I received my 100th like. And the number continues to rise.
I just want to say how truly genuinely flattered I am to receive such a strong and supportive response from my readers in order for ME to reach MY goal. I mean, it was up to you guys whether or not I would ever reach this goal, and to reach it in such a short period of time is literally beyond my comprehension. I am now more motivated than ever to keep working hard on my blog in hopes of attracting more and more lovely followers!
To wrap up this blubber fest, I want to express my gratitude by rewarding you guys with my FIRST GIVEAWAY! (or, even a series of giveaways!) That is all I will say for now, but stay tuned for more giveaway details coming soon!
Have a great weekend everyone!

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