Hump Day Hearsay #8 : Jump Starting the New Year

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Happy Hump Day! Due to Internet difficulties, I am posting today later than I wanted to :( I am very excited about today’s Hump Day Hearsay, it is jam packed! So, without further a due, I present you with the 8th edition of Hump Day Hearsay! Enjoy, and have a great Wednesday!

As of yesterday, Matchbook’s January issue is now live! And it’s a doozy (as always).

How is your online portfolio? See here for tips on how to have a beautiful online portfolio.

Just when you thought you couldn’t even look at another load of dirty laundry, the Average Girl’s Guide saves the day with tips on how to make laundry less painful.

I am having a real moment with discovering new and fun beauty products (that actually work), so I was thrilled to see this post about beauty resolution products.

Fur (and/or faux fur) vests are majorly HOT right now, see Lauren’s spot-on post about how to style fur vests and where to invest (or save) in one.

If you love sequins as much as I do, you need to see these 9 ways to wear sequins during the day.

2013 is here, which means a new year of fashion. See what prints, cuts and shapes to expect in 2013.

Have more lip glosses laying around than you know what to do with? Here are 3 unexpected uses for lipgloss.

Don’t forget to mind your P’s and Q’s! You’d be surprised how far a well-written thank you note can go.

Racked released their winter 2013 edition of the 38 best places to shop online yesterday. This one is definitely worth bookmarking.

The search for the perfect bronzer/blush combination is seemingly never ending. See here for the best blushes and bronzers to buy for less.

Browse through InStyle’s 150 Best Beauty Buys of 2012.


  1. Thank you so much for mentioning the laundry post!! So flattered to be included. :)

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