Product Review: Dermelect Cosmeceuticals Nail Lacquer


I was lucky enough to work with one of my dearest old friends who works in PR to test out and review one of the new, up-and-coming brands in the nail polish industry. Dermelect Cosmeceutical’s 2013 “ME” Resort Collection is hot off the press this December, featuring some of the runway’s resort collection colors. The three-color collection contains a metallic chartreuse color, a shimmery ivory color, and a bold coral opaque color, which was the color I chose to sample.

What sets Dermelect’s product apart from all the other brands is the fact that they are infused with ProSina, a pure protein peptide extracted from New Zealand sheep’s wool. Thanks to this extra ingredient, the lacquers provide a fast-drying, high gloss shine, while also offering an unmatched level of strength for stubborn, weak, and brittle nails to grow longer and more resistant to chipping, peeling and splitting. Consider Dermelect the answer to all signs of anti-aging on your hands and feet.
The lacquer requires two coats of paint in order to work most effectively and colorfully. In my experience, a third coat may even be necessary if you are looking for a really bright, bold and full pop of color on your nails.
My favorite perk about Dermelect’s lacquers is that they are cruelty free, meaning they don’t test their products on animals. But the benefits don’t stop there–the products also offer UV ray protection as well as claim to be water and detergent resistant.
The only drawback for Dermelect’s lacquers, as far as I’m concerned, is that the suggested retail price is $14.00 a bottle. This is very nearly twice as much as I usually pay for a bottle of nail polish, and being in my early twenties, anti-aging components is not something I look for in nail products. However, I can always tell a higher-priced nail polish from a more affordable polish. The coverage of the Dermelect lacquer is exceptional, and its claims to be a long-lasting polish turned out to be true. Furthermore, after finally removing the polish, my nails truthfully felt slightly sturdier than I remember them being before I used the Dermelect polish.
I encourage you all to browse through their products on to find the color that best fits you and find out more about the newly-introduced brand. Also, feel free to connect with them on Facebook at and follow them on Twitter @dermelect.

*This is not a sponsored post. I was offered to choose a color from their 2013 Resort Collection and was then gifted the polish with an informational sheet about the company and their products. I copied brief supplements from the company info sheet when describing the background and logistics of Dermelect in this post. However, all opinions in this post are my own.



  1. Excellent review! Sounds interesting. I like the fact that it offer UV ray protection which is most important to me.

    • sheworeembellishments says:

      Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it :) and I agree, I always appreciate when a beauty product offers more than just “making you look better”!

  2. Elsie Krahmer says:

    Hi, my name is Elsie and I just purchased Dermelect nail recovery system. I have very strong nails that get brittle and do chip. I love it, and the cream is great. I am a floral manager and my hands are always in water and chemicals and always forget to put on gloves. I notice that this product does not peel. I used all 3 bottles that came in the kit and so far I love it. I recently had gel on my nails which was the worst thing I ever did. When I took the gel off my nails looked awful. But nursing them back to health they became strong again. This is the first time I heard of Dermelect and I will recommend it to everyone.
    Thank you for a great product

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