Hump Day Hearsay #6 : Ho, Ho, Holiday Helpers

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Happy Hump Day, everyone! Half way through the week, which means it is getting closer and closer to Christmas! And, for me, this is the last week of school FOR-EV-ER! I (vaguely) remember when my older brother and sister were in college I thought they were so old, like “real adults,” and now I am 3 days away from being done with college, yet I still feel like a kid. Funny how life is experienced and observed from different points of view.
The amount of posts and articles related to Christmas this season is a little bit ridiculous, and it makes me sad when I see Christmas posts becoming repetitive and unoriginal. However, there are still a lot of gems out there with great Christmas cheer. Here they are below:

If you still have absolutely no idea what to get for anyone this holiday, To & From magazine has every gift idea you could ever imagine.

I have been really into beauty products lately, and I am anxious to try out these eye primers so that my eyeshadow and eyeliner stay on all day and night!

Presents for everyone’s inner geek chic

Pretty hardcore wrappin’ that might make your recipients think twice about tearing open their presents.

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the stresses and glamour of the holiday season, but don’t forget what Christmas is really about

As if Kate Middleton’s wardrobe wasn’t swoon-worthy enough, imagine what the royal baby wardrobe is going to be…

Did that holiday party get a little out of hand last night? Master the detox/retox with this approach

Online shopping is becoming a much more popular way to shop for the holidays this year, make sure you know the 20 best and budget-friendly holiday gift websites

I stumbled across Birchbox’s blog the other day, and every since then I have been obsessed with finding other monthly subscription boxes…here are 8 monthly subscription boxes that sound very promising (and could be a unique Christmas gift!).

Have you seen the December Matchbox magazine issue? If not, you must.

I am obsessed with each and every one of these looks for what to wear to a holiday party. Now, if only I had holiday parties to attend…

Avoiding all those delicious cookies and holiday treats is next to impossible, but this guide to surviving the holidays might make it a bit easier.

Um, I am absolutely dying over this DIY heart sequin shirt.

You don’t have to feel down in the dumps for being single this holiday season any longer…see why being single could make for a very enjoyable holiday

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