Madewell Coming to Minnesota!

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As I was browsing my Facebook feed earlier this week, I saw something posted by Madewell that made me do a double-take: they are finally going to open a store in Minnesota! At Southdale Mall in Edina, to be exact, which is right near where I live.

The store is opening this coming Wednesday, November 14th!!! I was literally just at Southdale last week, how did I not know this!? I can’t tell you all how thrilled I was to discover this because, despite having the biggest mall in the United States (Mall of America), I am so sick of feeling like I am missing out on a lot of fashion being stuck in the Midwest.

I still remember when I was introduced to Madewell, I went into the store in SoHo, and my life was instantly changed forever. Whenever you need classic, timeless staples and on-trend, effortless, comfortable wardrobe additions at affordable prices, Madewell should be your go-to. So, to all of my Minnesota loves, be sure to get to the new Madewell store starting next week to check out the new store, and maybe even do a little holiday shopping for your loved ones (or yourself).

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