Spotlight on Style: Michelle Obama

With a wardrobe ranging from H&M to Jason Wu, First Lady Michelle Obama has developed a signature style that has captivated the hearts of many. Always looking polished and put together, her wardrobe choices have arguably played an important role in her attempt to establish a credible and professional image for herself and for women all over America.

By setting her own standards of “what works for her,” she has revolutionized what it means to own yourself as a woman. Often her style is categorized as “classic with a twist,” and she displays this style by rocking exclusively-American designers, and does so without always breaking the bank.

“Classic with a twist” means that she knows how to stay true to her personal style but isn’t afraid to make a small experiment with her outfit, whether it be an embellished brooch, a simple yet elegant pearl necklace, or a bold pattern on a flattering A-line shift dress.  Michelle’s style can also be coined as conservative, modern, classy, and savvy.  She is frequently seen wearing bold solid colors in simple, clean designs.

At 5’11”, she is a wonderful example of someone who does not fit the typical stereotype of women in fashion, yet she has mastered her own style and knows how to work with the body she was given, and her polished and put-together looks are always sure to wow.

However, my favorite part of Mrs. Obama’s personal style is her accessories. The accessories she chooses and the way she chooses to style them are what make each and every one of her outfits so unique and memorable. Her attention-grabbing accessories allow her to make statements with her outfit, but at the same time she is not swaying away from her smart, savvy and chic sensibility of fashion.

Take a gander at some of the First Lady-inspired accessories I picked out below and let me know if you think Michelle would ever rock any of these accessories!



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What are your thoughts on Michelle Obama’s personal style?

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